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JangoPet embodies a belief that cutting-edge science can (and should) be used to improve wellbeing and combat illness and suffering, in all creatures who can safely benefit. 


An organic extension of JangoBio research in regenerative medicine, JangoPet seeks to increase the longevity and quality of life of:

Companion Animals




Service Animals 



our team

Dr. Steve Tardif

Steve is Director of JangoPet and Director of Reproductive Biology at JangoBio. He has over 30 years of research and product-development experience in the fields of molecular biology, gamete physiology, reproductive biology, and in vitro fertilization (in several species). He studied auto-immune diseases involving regulatory T-cells and the molecular mechanisms implicated in gamete recognition and activation during fertilization. 

Andy josephson, j.d.

Andy is Executive Administrator at JangoBio and directs marketing, business development, and legal at JangoPet. He has over a decade of experience in customer service management, as well as a varied legal career covering contract law, trademark and patent law, and regulatory affairs. Andy is JangoPet’s primary liaison with the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine.


Hua is Director of Cell Biology at JangoBio and heads our cell biology division. Dr. Shen is an immunologist and cellular biologist with expertise in aging, transplant immunology, autoimmunity, and stem cell biology. He has over 7 years of industrial experience encompassing most stages of drug development (discovery, preclinical, clinical development, and manufacturing). He is leading development of stem cell-based therapies.  

Dr. Sivan meethal

Sivan is Director of Product Development at JangoBio and a trained biochemist with expertise in endocrinology and cell cycle biology. He has over 30 years of bench research experience, including cell culture (embryonic and adult stem cells, transformed cell lines), sex hormone analyses, morphology, immunofluorescent and immunoblot analyses, and molecular biology techniques.  

Ron koopman

Ron is Director of Sales at JangoPet and Director of Sales & Marketing at JangoBio. He has a BA from the University of Wisconsin in social work and psychology and a career with over 30 years of sales management experience. Ron has a passion for developing functional business partnerships and is heading outreach to the veterinary community for JangoPet.

Tracy Clymer

Tracy is Clinical Coordinator at JangoPet. Her primary career experience is in animal health and welfare, including work at veterinary clinics and managing preclinical research protocols in drug development. Hailing from the Waukesha area, Tracy is helping coordinate JangoPet’s preclinical and clinical studies.

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Regenerative medicine is ever-changing as researchers and doctors learn more about the exciting possibilities of stem-cell-based therapies. JangoPet is committed to leveraging the current state of knowledge to provide customers and veterinarians cutting-edge therapeutic options to help animals affected by the degenerative effects of aging. Click below to contact us now.