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Movement is life.

Give the gift of motion.

Life is more than just being alive — it’s enjoying the time we have doing what we love (with who we love). JangoPet strives to improve the quality of your animal’s life so that you (and they) can enjoy more moments together, longer. The key is stem cells, nature’s existing mechanism for renewal and rejuvenation. By harnessing the innate potential of stem cells, we can help your four-legged friends be more like themselves again.

Cell banking & cryostorage

Freezing your pet's stem cells for the future.

JangoPet offers the option to store your pet’s collected stem cells in cryogenic storage. If future procedures are needed, banking your pet’s stem cells will make further tissue collection (and the attendant anesthesia) unnecessary. This avoids the cost and the potential complications presented by surgery and makes future treatments quicker.


As animals age, so do their cells. Collecting young tissue (for instance, when your animal is spayed or neutered) can preserve young stem cells for later, when your pet really needs them.

Academic Studies Discussing Age-Related Potency of Stem Cells


Autologous Cell-Fractionation (SVF) Therapy

Most stem cell therapies in the veterinary market today inject adipose-derived cell fractions into affected joints and tissues. The process involves enzymatic disruption of adipose tissue and further fractionation to remove fat cells and arrive at the population of repair cells used for treatment.

Commonly, the resulting mixture of cells is the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which contains a population of stem cells as well as other cells. These cells are then implanted into the patient’s joint.

  • Requires anesthesia.
  • Involves removing adipose tissue (fat) from the animal.
  • Is entirely autologous.
  • Cellular injection can happen on the same day tissue is harvested.
  • Not a pure stem-cell therapy.
  • Most common procedure on the market.


Advanced Stem Cell Therapy [CLINICAL STUDY]

JangoPet is working with the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine to conduct a study designed to help your dog move better. The therapy being studied uses a highly purified and characterized stem cell mix to repair, renew, and regrow healthy tissue in your dog’s ailing joints.

If you would like to learn more about our clinical study of Jango-Renew (or are interested in enrolling your dog), please click the Contact Us button to reach out.

The potential benefits of Jango-Renew are many:

  • Does NOT require surgery or the removal of tissue from your pet.
  • The final product will be quicker than autologous therapies with fewer visits to your veterinarian’s clinic.
  • Uses a more homogeneous stem cell concentration with a much higher cell count than cell fractionation therapy.
  • Uses younger, potentially more vibrant stem cells than your older pet has in their body.


Regenerative medicine is ever-changing as researchers and doctors learn more about the exciting possibilities of stem-cell-based therapies. JangoPet is committed to leveraging the current state of knowledge to provide customers and veterinarians cutting-edge therapeutic options to help animals affected by the degenerative effects of aging. Click below to contact us now.